Our objective is to create value for our shareholders by generating an attractive return on our investments. We achieve this through exposure to high-growth innovative consumer businesses.

We look for investments across the entire Asia Pacific region, but particularly in Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, and the emerging markets of Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

We target consumer-oriented businesses that have:

  • a quality management team with a good record;
  • a sustainable competitive advantage, through product differentiation or brand recognition;
  • a market that is large enough to provide opportunities for growth.

We help the businesses in which we invest with their strategic and financial decision-making at board level. The diverse backgrounds of the members of our investment team enable us also to help with our portfolio companies’ operations as necessary. In addition, we provide our investee companies with access to our network of advisers, entrepreneurs and businesses, which we have built up over a period of 30 years.

Typically we are the lead or sole investor in a business. Our experience shows that this is an invaluable factor in a business’ success; it removes the potential for conflict with other investors over, for example, timeframes to exit, and ensures that we and the management team/entrepreneur are working towards a common goal.